A game prototype of Bukkaku in a 3D world?


It's been a long time since I last reported. A lot of things have changed, so I'd like to update you on what's currently happening with the long-running Bukkaku project, the new Ynccuth movie, and graphic design projects. For the game's problematic project with the "controversial" title, I've been thinking about a total re-working of the game and graphic concept in the last few months. As a perpetually dissatisfied creator, I'd like to tighten the concept up even and define the final fixed points as my ever-changing final idea. For a long time now, this game prototype has been over my head with its ambitious goals. After all, I'm more of a graphic designer than a programmer. I have to say that programming this game is beyond me. For so many years, I've spent my spare time on this project alone, not only doing the graphics, but also programming functional levels, animations or game maps. Yes, it would take a change at last. It would need a new member and a partner who could technically program everything and send it out into the world together. I'm looking for a person, who is close to this Japanese-Mexican world and Origami design. He has experience with Unity and with 3D dimension. Has an understanding of FPS and RPG game technical workings.


The experimental game prototype of Bukkaku is a rather long and messy process. From the original naive idea in 2015 as a browser-based MMORPG, it progressed through various experiments with Top-Down view elements and a more action-oriented style to a horror isometric view with a survival story until it reached the 3D dimension in a more predatory colorful Origami "Low poly" design. My previous games have always had a clear vision from start to finish, but unfortunately with Bukkaku I'm still searching for it. This is due to the fact that I'm not happy with the ever-changing outcome, and I'm not sure if this chaotic process will have the outcome I'm hoping for. Hopefully this project can be woken up and completed successfully with a new member...

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I am currently working on my other very interesting project at the same time. It is an animated film called Ynccuth. It's still in development (and will be for a long time) and it's a horror movie with a darker stylization reminiscent of the world of Bukkaku. Just more grown up and thoughtful with a sci-fi vibe. I'm full of ideas on how to bring this dark yet enchanting fantasy world full of monsters and strong characters to life through storytelling.

Ynccuth | RZE | Official Teaser Poster


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