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The indie game is of experimental genre with mostly horror elements. Bit of survival with sci-fi and RPG elements.


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Bukkaku created by Lukas Reznicek. Experimental horror survival with elements of science fiction and RPG. A story between life and death in a stylized game origami world. The name „Bukkaku“ has many translations. It kind of makes sense if you think about it. If you are wondering why it sounds similar to bukkake, it's because it comms from the same root word. (bukkake 打っ掛け) First kanji (打) translates to “strike” or “sudden”. Mostly it's corresponding with "shattering to pieces" from which comms the graphical style which should be absolutely obvious. And last but not least it's a word for Buddhism temple playing essential role in the game. Bukkaku is created in the game engine Unity.

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Bukkaku Is A Fighting Game That Brings The “Kawaii” Look To Mexican Art

They describe it as bringing the “popular style called Kawaii” to Mexican art styles. It all looks like crystalline, sharp-edged pieces of pastel-colored felt – soft and hard together.


Terrible Japanese game title will have very tough time in English market

A very pretty Czech fighting game is about to learn the hard way that the language of all markets is something to consider when naming your name, at least, assuming success is a priority.

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Bukkaku Is Going To Make An Impression On Your Face

I’m willing to bet many of you read that title incorrectly. Don’t worry, you’re not on trial. Since you’re already here might as well learn about a new game called Bukkaku.


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“The game itself is gorgeous. It combines a sharp-edged origami art style with a brightly-colored Mexican flair. It looks like Día de los Muertos decorations had a baby with paper Pokemon."

img James Plafke

“Apparently, theyre trying to emphasize both the cute and terrifying in this character, as they look adorable but are actually deadly – the game also has decapitations with blood spurting everywhere."

img Chris Priestman

“Bukkaku is actually a very sharp-looking (see what I did there?) game that artistically blends Mexican and Asian art styles to create an unusual hybrid full of triangles and other sharp polygons that look like theyre just begging to give you a papercut."

img Rahul Shirke

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Peekaboo | The story of Bukkaku on YouTube

Short animated movie from the Origami world of upcomming indie game Bukkaku. Telling the story of a short life of ...

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Uff, I am game Rzedesigner

Hi. My name is Lukáš Řezníček A.K.A. RZE and im the creator of indie games like sci-fi arcade Fatar Error, horror ...

Lords of the Mask

In the game you will have a choice between greater number of masks for fight and protection...


RZE Studio

Welcome to the official website company. Digital creative indie game studio.

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The Stories of Bukkaku


Short animated movie from the Origami world of upcomming indie game Bukkaku.


In development. Animated movie from the world of upcomming indie game Bukkaku.